St Cybi’s Church, Holyhead

Levelling up Funding (LUF) for Holyhead Town – including St Cybi’s Church

Having seen access to the church blocked, many of you will have wondered what is happening at St Cybi’s Church in Holyhead.

Not Closed, Just Resting!

The LUF* funded work at St. Cybi’s Church is currently being carried out through the Llefa’r Cerrig project by the Diocese of Bangor, to bring Holyhead an exciting new space to bring its communities together. We are working hard to make the church more accessible and ensuring that it will be a warm, safe space for people to come and reflect, experience it’s 700+ year history, or spend time with others. 

The church will be transformed into a multi-use space which can be used for services, events and concerts which will engage members of the community and wider, of all ages and backgrounds.

* UK Government Levelling up Fund


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